Homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world. It has prevailed for over two centuries likely because of the following benefits:

  1. Individualized: With classical homeopathy, there are no protocols. Remedies are chosen based on how you experience your symptoms, rather than a named condition.
  2. Natural: Homeopathic remedies are made from substances found in nature, including plants, animals, and minerals. They are also environmentally friendly and cruelty free.
  3. Safe and gentle: Unlike medicines, herbs or vitamins that consist of material doses of a substance that are metabolized by the body, homeopathic remedies are diluted and contain the energy of the substances from which they are made. This makes them safe and non-habit forming. They can be used by people of all ages, including infants, the elderly, and pregnant women.
  4. Effective: The efficacy of homeopathy is supported by over two centuries of clinical evidence. Research shows that homeopathy is effective in various acute and chronic conditions, whether compared to a placebo or other conventional treatment. Laboratory studies confirm the biological activity of remedies.
  5. Affordable: Remedies are relatively inexpensive compared to conventional treatments and are accessible over the counter from homeopathic pharmacies or retailers. Bottles or tubes of remedies contain multiple doses and also have an extended shelf life.
  6. Complementary: Homeopathy can be used alongside other medicines, herbs or vitamins and in conjunction with many other healing modalities.
  7. Root cause: Homeopathy focuses on the reason you are experiencing your symptoms or condition, so it addresses the root cause. The way you feel is just as important as how and why you feel that way. This means homeopathy goes beyond managing symptoms and can help reduce the recurrence of them in the future.
  8. Holistic: Remedies are chosen based on the totality of your mental, emotional, and physical symptoms, so a remedy addresses the whole person and not just a named condition.
  9. Long and lasting effects: Research shows that not only is homeopathy effective in various conditions, but it can provide lasting restoration of health while also improving your overall wellbeing.
  10. Client focused: Homeopaths spend time building relationships with their clients through active listening in a confidential and supportive environment. Clients are empowered to support their care by listening to their body and sharing openly.

Overall, there are many benefits to homeopathy because it is a safe, natural, and effective system of medicine. It focuses on your individual experience of your symptoms and aims to restore your health, improve your overall wellbeing and enhance your vitality.

Jill Page, CCH is a certified classical homeopath practicing in Lexington, KY and sees clients virtually. Schedule a free introductory session with her to explore more.