Hope & Healing Homeopathy

Restore your health, regain your quality of life, and reach your full potential.

What is Homeopathy?

A personalized, holistic approach to healing and wellness

Homeopathy is a personalized, holistic medicine that supports and treats symptoms on all levels – mental, emotional and physical. Symptoms are an expression of an inner state of imbalance and homeopathy stimulates the innate capacity of the body to heal. Remedies act energetically and informationally, rather than chemically, to bring the body to a place of balance and restore health.

About My Practice

Photo of Jill Page, Homeopath

My Journey

Fulfilling a calling to serve others

Hi there! My name is Jill Page. I was born and raised in Florida but call Kentucky home. I am married with two kids and several cats. After graduating with a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Kentucky, I worked in higher education for over a decade, but my personal journey with homeopathy led me down a different path.

Over ten years ago, my body crashed. I was suffering with many complex symptoms and quickly exhausted all of the typical treatments in search of a resolution, but was only feeling worse. Thereafter, I found integrative and herbal medicine, which was helpful, but only to an extent. I felt there had to be more than managing symptoms.

Through exploration and an open heart, homeopathy found me. The universe has a way of working for you even if you may not bear witness to it. After experiencing the success of homeopathy for acute illnesses in my own family, I sought the care of a classical homeopath for my chronic, complex symptoms and my life has been forever changed. My symptoms have improved, my health has been restored, and my overall wellbeing has increased.

It is nearly impossible for me to put into words my experience of homeopathy and the power of homeopathic remedies. My journey has not only been healing, but hopeful, empowering, and inspiring too, which is more than I ever could have imagined. Now, I am called to serve others in this way.

In 2020, I began my studies at the Academy of Homeopathy Education, an ACHENA accredited institution, and began seeing clients under supervision in 2022. Since then, I have graduated and become a nationally board certified classical homeopath (CCH) seeing clients independently through my practice. I also volunteer as a practitioner with Homeopathy Help Network and volunteer as a state captain with Americans for Homeopathy Choice, a national nonprofit with a mission to sustain and increase the rights of consumers, practitioners, and manufacturers concerning access to homeopathic remedies. Wherever you are in your journey, it is a blessing for me to support you.

My Approach

Authentic, compassionate, and equitable care

As a homeopath, my mission is to help restore the sick to health. Your symptoms reflect an inner state of imbalance, and with the appropriate support, your body is capable of healing. An understanding of who you are and recognition of your individual pattern of symptoms are what leads me to the most appropriate homeopathic remedy for you.

I practice according to the principles of classical homeopathy. I aim to provide authentic, compassionate, and equitable care using homeopathically prepared remedies that support the restoration of health and enhance your overall vitality, allowing you to live your fullest life. Homeopathy has changed my life and I invite you to have it to do the same for you.


How a homeopathic consultation can help you

With up to two hours for an initial consultation and nearly one hour for a follow up consultation, our time together is comprehensive. My role is to listen and to know and understand you. We will review your health history and discuss what you are experiencing so I can recognize your individual pattern of symptoms and how you respond to the world around you. As our relationship develops, I gain a greater understanding of who you are and how best to support you in overcoming trauma, resolving chronic symptoms, and enhancing your overall wellbeing.